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Wed Jun 21 14:24:44 GMT 2006

King Andrew J wrote:
> Hi all,
> Can you please confirm what/which is the latest release of Samba for Alpha
> VMS is and where I can pick it up from.  The reason for asking is that I can
> remember some time ago there were 2 slight different releases and that they
> were to be joined together to combine the different features that which had
> developed.

The picture is now more varied than it was originally.  There are now 
three varieties of SAMBA for OpenVMS.

For OpenVMS 8.2 and later, there is an evaluation release of OpenVMS 
CIFS based on SAMBA 3.0.10 available from HP.

This version is basically the SAMBA 3.0.10 common code base with the 
minimum number of changes that could be done to quickly get it built on 
OpenVMS.  And currently that means that it does not have any support for 
ODS-2 name mangling in the Pathworks style.

It also does not have the command files needed for use with the Process 
Software TCP/IP stacks.  However the ones in use for the JYC ports of 
Samba are usable on it.

The JYC or Jean-Yves Collot port of 2.2.8 appears to be still available 
at .

There is the source of a port of 2.2.12 that is missing only the latest 
changes from JYC at .

As SAMBA.ORG stopped development work the 2.2.x stream quite a few years 
ago.  For the past few years, the only changes from SAMBA.ORG to the 
2.2.x code base were bug fixes, and primarily security related bug fixes.

As of SAMBA 2.2.12, SAMBA.ORG has announced that there will no longer be 
even security bug fixes to SAMBA 2.2.x stream.

So if you want to remain on SAMBA 2.2.x, and be sure that you have the 
latest fixes, I would recommend merging in the latest JYC changes to 2.2.12.

I do not have time to work on the 2.2.x stream, so someone else may want 
  to do that.

SAMBA.ORG has announced that as soon as SAMBA V4 is stable, they are 
going to stop active development work on SAMBA V3.  This is expected to 
be a few years down the road yet.

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