Settings problem?

Ross Smith smithp01 at
Tue Feb 15 22:30:32 GMT 2005

I'm very new to Samba.

I ran an install this morning and have 2.2.8 running on a IA64 OVMS 
v8.2 machine and I'm still figuring out what end is up...

I noticed on the Mac OSX.3.8 box I used to test the server that I have 
a  "zero" -length file on the server...

-rwx------    1 smithp01 admin           0 Dec  1 16:03 

Actually, on the VMS side things are rather different ...

Directory SYS$USER:[SMITHP01]

mdp.bck;1             501291/501296    1-DEC-2004 15:54:20.18

Presumably there is a size overflow issue here for the directory.

Is there a fix? or a different choice for parameters in smb.conf?

-Ross Smith-

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