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John E. Malmberg wb8tyw at
Thu Feb 3 17:52:25 GMT 2005

gérard calliet wrote:
> Hello,
> Where can I find documentation about the choice of naming htm files from 
> the documentation set in the form xxx.n_htm ?

The archives of this list, back on September 9, 2004.

The choice was made by the DETAR or UNZIP tool when it encounters
a filename that can not be represented on an ODS-2 file.

> And how configure a browser to follow an associate link in a form 
> xxx.n.htm ?

It would likely require rebuilding the browser to handle ODS-5 file 
specifications, including directories.  MOZILLA does not currently 
handle them.

The VMS port of SWAT has special case code to handle the current naming, 
and that would have to be changed if the names were made to comply with 
ISO-9660 or with what the web browsers on OpenVMS can deal with.

ISO-9660 requires an 8.3 naming convention unless the host operating
system can deal with extensions to the standard.

I would recommend someone putting together a script/program to fix the 
filenames and links to an iso-9660 compliant format, and change SWAT
to also deal with that.

The ideal would be if the producer of the SAMBA documentation would
make the output comply with ISO-9660.

Alternatively all the tools to convert the raw SAMBA documentation to
HTML and other formats seem to still be available on OpenVMS in one form 
or another, it is just a learning curve to package and use them.

If anyone wants to volunteer...

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