Samba/VMS V2.2.8 build # 20041021 bug report

RR - Rod Regier RRegier at
Wed Nov 24 21:49:33 GMT 2004

Presence of an extensionless-file on an OpenVMS directory will block
to a same-named directory tree residing on the same directory.

For example:

directory [TOP] contains the files:

NEXT.DIR;1  (a valid directory file)

SMB client access to the Samba server on that node to reference [TOP]
will not display
the presence of the directory [.NEXT] unless the file "NEXT." is deleted
or renamed.

It seems that this behaviour is an artifact of mapping VMS .dir files to
the non-VMS extensionless convention for directory names used on Windows
and UNIX,
causing a namespace clash with actual extensionless files.

In OpenVMS, only files with an extension .DIR, a version number of ;1
the "directory file" attribute are valid directories.

My recommendation would be to have the Samba/VMS implementation treat
extensionless files specially in a lookup.  If an extensionless file is
continue looking for a directory of the same name.  If a directory is
show the directory.  Thus, the (extensionless) file becomes hidden
instead of the directory,
which is probably the lesser of two evils, given how uncommon
extensionless files
tend to be on VMS.

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