DoS Flaws Found in Samba Module

B. Z. Lederman lederman at
Thu Nov 18 14:15:19 GMT 2004

    On the odd chance people haven't seen this:,1759,1728956,00.asp

     German security researcher Stefan Esser has discovered
 multiple vulnerabilities in smbfs, the mountable SMB (Server
 Message Block) file system for Linux.

    In an advisory made public Wednesday, Esser said the bugs
 theoretically could crash the kernel or leak kernel memory with
 the help of the SMB server. The alert carries a "moderately
 critical" rating.

    The vulnerabilities have been corrected in Linux 2.4.28. A
 final patch for the 2.6 kernel is being developed.

    [remainder of story at web site referenced above]

    From what the story says, it appears to be confined to Linux,
 but it wouldn't hurt to check.


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