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Tue Nov 2 14:02:47 GMT 2004

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> John wrote:
>> This may or may not be an issue.  I have not looked totally at this,
>> but I think it is how LANMAN usernames that can not be represented on
>> the host OS are mapped to host usernames.
> Here's the contents of my USER.MAP:
> tillman = tillmabg tillman
>> I do not see the code in the smb.conf that enables the use of
>> the guest account if the account does not exist,
> What would this code look like?

  map to guest = bad user

>> so my next guess is that in this map file, it maps the "Administrator"
>> account to something.
> See above.
>> My guess is that the password for that Administrator account
>> must be in the SMB PASSWORD database, and if you change it on the
>> client system, it also must be changed on the host, if you are not
>> passing through the authentication to a domain controller.
> The only password in the database is my own and I can't get Samba to
>  recognize it any more.

When some clients connect to SAMBA, they first connect as Administrator
to get a list of shares, and then connect as the logged in user.

If you do not have the Administrator mapped to a VMS account and for
a standalone SAMBA installation, have the LANMAN password for it in the
Samba password database, then the only other way for the Adminstrator account
to get a list of shares is to use guest access.

Otherwise the access will fail.

You have so far indicated that you do not have the "map to guest" parameter
set, nor do you have the Administrator account mapped.  One of them seems
to be a requirement.

> I changed nothing.

The other possiblity is that one or more of the databases that SAMBA uses have
gotten corrupted.

Setting the log level for the SMBD up to 4 may give better information as
to what is wrong.

Some of the tools in the SAMBA_ROOT:[BIN] may also help do the diagnostics.
I have not had the chance to look at most of them though.

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