SAMBA stopped working

Tillman, Brian (AGRE) Brian.Tillman at
Tue Nov 2 13:46:05 GMT 2004

John wrote:

> This may or may not be an issue.  I have not looked totally at this,
> but I think it is how LANMAN usernames that can not be represented on
> the host OS are mapped to host usernames.

Here's the contents of my USER.MAP:

tillman = tillmabg tillman

> I do not see the code in the smb.conf that enables the use of
> the guest
> account if the account does not exist,

What would this code look like?

> so my next guess is
> that in this
> map file, it maps the "Administrator" account to something.

See above.

> My guess is that the password for that Administrator account
> must be in
> the SMB PASSWORD database, and if you change it on the client system,
> it also must be changed on the host, if you are not passing through
> the authentication to a domain controller.

The only password in the database is my own and I can't get Samba to recognize it any more.

> With out setting the Map to guest parameter that Jean-Yves
> pointed out
> to me about a month ago, the guest account basically does nothing.
> Did you change the Administrator account about 2 months ago?

I changed nothing.
Brian Tillman

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