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John E. Malmberg wb8tyw at
Tue Nov 2 03:17:17 GMT 2004

Tillman, Brian (AGRE) wrote:
> A few months ago, SAMBA V2.2.8 on my three VMS system (two OpenVMS
> VAX  V7.2 and one OpenVMS Alpha V7.3-1) stopped working.
 > Since I'm the only one actually using SAMBA connections to the
 > VMS systems, I didn't bother to investigate. Today I decided to,
 > but before I did, I updated the Alpha only to the most recent V2.2.8.
 > On the Alpha, I noticed that the SMBD service in TCP/IP was disabled,
 > even though TCPIP SHOW CONFIG SERVICE showed it as enabled (i.e., should
 > start on demand). I enabled the service and restarted NMBD. The NMBD
 > processes on the VAXes were already running.

There is a race condition on boot if you do not disable the SMBD service
on shutdown, and a client tries to connect to it on startup before the 
SAMBA_ROOT logical is defined.

> $ define SOCKETSHR UCX
> $!
> $set ver
> $ arch = f$getsyi("ARCH_NAME")
> $ nmbd :== $samba_exe:nmbd
> $ opt = f$trnlnm("SAMBA_NMBD_OPTIONS")
> $ nmbd "-d1" "-i"
> Netbios nameserver version 2.2.8 started.
> Copyright Andrew Tridgell and the Samba Team 1994-2002
> standard input is not a socket, assuming -D option

> I don't know if that last line is normal.

It is.  It indicates that it was not started by the INETD process.

> Here's my SMB.CONF file. This was working before and I haven't
> changed  anything on the VAXes except for stopping and restarting the NMBDs:
> [global]
>    workgroup = Swdev
>    dead time = 10
>    map archive = no
>    load printers = no
>    security = user
>    default service = default
>    create mode = 0777
>    server string = %h running Samba V%v (SWDEV)
>    username map = /samba_root/lib/

This may or may not be an issue.  I have not looked totally at this,
but I think it is how LANMAN usernames that can not be represented on 
the host OS are mapped to host usernames.

I do not see the code in the smb.conf that enables the use of the guest 
account if the account does not exist, so my next guess is that in this 
map file, it maps the "Administrator" account to something.

My guess is that the password for that Administrator account must be in 
the SMB PASSWORD database, and if you change it on the client system, it 
also must be changed on the host, if you are not passing through the 
authentication to a domain controller.

With out setting the Map to guest parameter that Jean-Yves pointed out 
to me about a month ago, the guest account basically does nothing.

Did you change the Administrator account about 2 months ago?

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