SAMBA 2.2.12 source kit for 8.2 (and possibly earlier)

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Mon Nov 1 17:28:46 GMT 2004

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> John E. Malmberg wrote:
>> For those interested in being more on the bleeding edge, I have now
>> merged in the SAMBA 2.2.12 changes with last source kit that I
>> produced.
> Here's the results of a build on OpenVMS VAX V7.2 using Compaq C V6.4-005:
> $ @build
>    1-NOV-2004 08:46:20
> Warning, changing SYS logical!
> Compiling MSDFS in MSDFS
>         #if __CRTL_VER < 70300000
>         ....^
> %CC-I-UNKNOWNMACRO, "__CRTL_VER" is not currently defined as a macro.  It
>  has been replaced by the constant zero.  At line number 15 in

Now I need to find out if that macro is defined on OpenVMS VAX 7.3 and OpenVMS
Alpha 7.3 to determine the best way to handle this.  The quick fix is to
assume that if the macro is not defined, that the version is prior to
7.3.  This may turn out to be a VAX specific issue.

So what versions / platforms of OpenVMS is __CRTL_VER not present in?

>         #if __CRTL_VER >= 80200000
>         ....^
> %CC-I-UNKNOWNMACRO, "__CRTL_VER" is not currently defined as a macro.  It=
>  has been replaced by the constant zero. At line number 168 in

This one is easier, if __CRTL_VER does not exist, then it is obviously
before 8.2.

>                 __gid16_t       st_gid;
>         ........^
> %CC-E-MISSINGTYPE, Missing type specifier or type qualifier.
> At line number 309 in=

I need to check to see if this definition is in OpenVMS VAX 7.3, and how
to detect it.  This could also affect older Alpha versions.

A __gid_t type is obviously an "unsigned short", so local edits can be done
to get past this build issue.

Thanks for the feedback,

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