Linux smbfs and smbclient 3.0.0 and 2.2.3a timeout on contact

Ben Armstrong ben at
Mon Oct 20 18:31:12 GMT 2003

On Mon, 2003-10-06 at 09:14, Ben Armstrong wrote:
> After upgrading the Alpha/VMS server to 2.2.8 (29-Sep-03 version) my
> Linux smbfs mount (and even passwordless smbclient -L //servername) now
> no longer works.  Both commands always time out on the connection
> attempt

It seems less and less likely that the particular version of client is
at fault.  We are seeing the same results with Windows clients.  It used
to be I could at least intermittently get mounts to work within a couple
of seconds.  Today, I found I was unable to mount from the Alpha/VMS
samba server at all, no matter how many times I retried.  I was forced
to find a workaround.  I obtained the samba source for Linux, changed
all timeouts of "20000" (two files: source/libsmb/clientgen.c and
source/libsmb/libsmbclient.c) to "50000" and recompiled.  With my smb
clients patched in this way I can now successfully mount from the server
100% of the time, with timings similar to these:

bgpc:/home/ben# time ./bin/mountdyma

real    0m33.364s
user    0m0.330s
sys     0m0.010s
bgpc:/home/ben# umount /s
bgpc:/home/ben# time ./bin/mountdyma

real    0m33.343s
user    0m0.320s
sys     0m0.020s
bgpc:/home/ben# umount /s
bgpc:/home/ben# time ./bin/mountdyma

real    0m33.346s
user    0m0.330s
sys     0m0.020s

Is there anything we can do (e.g. turn on debugging either in the server
or client, etc.) to further explore what is taking the mounts so long?

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