Pulling my hair out because of a simple problem

John Santos john.santos at post.harvard.edu
Mon Nov 17 19:57:32 GMT 2003

At 09:29 PM 11/16/2003 -0500, Gary M. Morin wrote:
>Thanks John that was it.
>To join the domain
>Create the computer in the Win2K Computer and User Admin app.
>Then in VMS
>$ mc samba_root:[bin]smbpasswd -r My-PDC -j My-Domain "-U" Username -s
>It prompts you for a password on the account used... Bingo
>If anything I would have guessed VMS put everything in UPPER case unless
>quoted.  Thanks again.
>   -- Gary

Actually, it does!  But then the C RTL lowercases everything again, because
about 80-90% of the switches on imported Unix C programs are lower case.

Apparently, the quotes get preserved when DCL upcases the command line,
since they are still there when C reads it  and downcases it again.

$ set process/parse_style affects this in mysterious ways, but probably
doesn't do what you want to avoid quotes, according to a quick look at

Oh, and any list of hints and helps that are specifically VMS-related would
really be appreciated.  There is a VMS Samba FAQ, but it is very old and
mostly relates to Samba v1.x
John Santos

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