Pulling my hair out because of a simple problem

Gary M. Morin gmm at cottageland.net
Mon Nov 17 02:29:36 GMT 2003

Thanks John that was it.

To join the domain

Create the computer in the Win2K Computer and User Admin app.

Then in VMS
$ mc samba_root:[bin]smbpasswd -r My-PDC -j My-Domain "-U" Username -s

It prompts you for a password on the account used... Bingo

If anything I would have guessed VMS put everything in UPPER case unless
quoted.  Thanks again.

  -- Gary

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Gary M. Morin wrote:
> Hello VMS Samba users --
> I'm sure this is a very simple thing but I am well past my 20 minutes
> rule (Rule: if you can't figure it out by yourself in 20 minutes then
> ask for help)
> I'm trying to us smbpasswd to set up my VMS Alpha in the NT Domain
> (WIN2K AD) and I run the command like shown in a few of the postings
> here and I get...
> $ mc samba_root:[bin]smbpasswd -r My-PDC -j My-Domain

Unless you have set your process conventions otherwise, DCL defaults to 
converting all arguments that are not in quotes to lower case.

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