Pulling my hair out because of a simple problem

Gary M. Morin gmm at cottageland.net
Mon Nov 17 01:33:25 GMT 2003

Hello VMS Samba users --

I'm sure this is a very simple thing but I am well past my 20 minutes
rule (Rule: if you can't figure it out by yourself in 20 minutes then go
ask for help)

I'm trying to us smbpasswd to set up my VMS Alpha in the NT Domain
(WIN2K AD) and I run the command like shown in a few of the postings
here and I get...

$ mc samba_root:[bin]smbpasswd -r My-PDC -j My-Domain
WARNING: The "status"option is deprecated
Unknown parameter encountered: "read prediction"
Ignoring unknown parameter "read prediction"
cli_net_auth2: Error NT_STATUS_ACCESS_DENIED
cli_nt_setup_creds: auth2 challenge failed
modify_trust_password: unable to setup the PDC credentials to machine
My-PDC. Error
2003/11/16 20:15:36 : change_trust_account_password: Failed to change
password f
or domain My-Domain.
Unable to join domain My-Domain.

My-PDC  is replaced by my PDC name and
MY-Domain  is replaced by my domain name

Then I tried lots and lots of forms of the -U command following the
Samba u*ix docs and mostly get a problem with the -U

$ mc samba_root:[bin]smbpasswd -r My-PDC -j MY-Domain -U
cetus$dkb0:[samba.][bin]smbpasswd.exe;1: illegal option -- u
When run by root:
    smbpasswd [options] [username] [password]
    smbpasswd [options] [password]

Version: 2.2.8
  -L                   local mode (must be first option)
  -h                   print this usage message
  -s                   use stdin for password prompt
  -c smb.conf file     Use the given path to the smb.conf file
  -D LEVEL             debug level
  -r MACHINE           remote machine
  -U USER              remote username
extra options when run by root or in local mode:
  -a                   add user
  -d                   disable user
  -e                   enable user
  -m                   machine trust account
  -n                   set no password
  -x                   delete user
  -j DOMAIN            join domain name
  -t DOMAIN            change trust account password on domain
  -S DOMAIN            Retrieve the domain SID for DOMAIN
  -R ORDER             name resolve order
  -W S-1-5-...         Write the SID S-1-5-... to the secrets file
  -X SERVER|DOMAIN     Extract SID for SERVER or DOMAIN from the secrets

The VMS account(s) i've tried this with both have the ident SAMBA_ROOT.
One is idnetical to a NT domain account (username and pasword)

Does anyone have an idea what I am doing wrong?

Also I'm working on a .DOC that has my VMS Samba "discoveries" hints and
stuff because... I can't find one.  Would this be of any help to anybody

Thanks in advance.

  -- Gary

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