Curious lock problem

Terrence Branscombe ue191 at
Wed Nov 12 02:31:46 GMT 2003

I have a small home network with 2 peecees and an AlphaServer running 
Samba 2.2.8.  For the most part, Samba is running just fine.  But, 
unless I log in as SYSTEM I can't run any Samba utilities, e.g. 
smbstatus, smbclient, etc.  In each case, I receive this error:

  Error Lock Volume F11B$vALPHASYS     : insufficient privilege or 
object protection violation

If this is a problem with volume protection, the security settings of my 
system disk "ALPHASYS" don't seem to be the problem:

$ show security/class=volume alphasys
ALPHASYS object of class VOLUME
     Owner: [1,1]
     Protection: (System: RWCD, Owner: RWCD, Group: RWCD, World: RWCD)
     Access Control List: <empty>

I also checked the file protections for the executables in 
SAMBA_ROOT:[BIN] and found they were all set as follows:

     Owner: [1,1]
     Protection: (System: RWED, Owner: RWED, Group: RE, World: E)
     Access Control List: <empty>

Finally, I have security auditing turned on, but it shows no 
Samba-related access records.

Anyone have any suggestions on what I've overlooked?


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