vms_tdb rewrite

Dave Jones JONESD at er6s1.eng.ohio-state.edu
Mon Nov 3 14:17:34 GMT 2003

>I have only one question: what do you think should be best parameters for
>the vms_tdb_default.conf file ? My first guess is that the default 9 bits
>mask size should be good for most files of most sites.

My impression is that most files have few records and don't change much, so
the mask size doesn't make that much difference.  The number of active records
in the few 'busy' files would seem to vary greatly with the number of clients,
but I imagine a smaller mask size would work a little better for most sites.

The major penalty for too large a mask size is that it tends to accumulate more
'deleted' records, so tdb_traverse slows down some.  Having too small a hash
mask slows down fetch and store operations as you get more records in the same
hash chain.

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