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Gersbach Edwin Edwin.Gersbach at
Fri May 9 13:05:04 GMT 2003

I have just compiled/linked/installed 2.2.8 on a V7.3-1 system. As this
is the first time I use SAMBA, I experimented with permissions and
noticed some strange behaviour which I would threat a bug (remember: a
bug is a feature with no known use). But let me show another ugly
ehaviour first which I noticed when I created the file for the
permission tests:

create a new file using the windows explorer.
rightclick in windows explorer -> new -> text document

NEW__20TEXT__20DOCUMENT.TXT;1 0/0 1-JAN-1970 01:00:00.00 1-JAN-1970

after changing the filename:

NEWFILE.TXT;1                 0/0 1-JAN-1970 01:00:00.00 9-MAY-2003

after editing the file:

NEWFILE.TXT;1                 1/9 1-JAN-1970 01:00:00.00 9-MAY-2003

after opening the properties dialog (yes, just opening! - neither OK nor
- not even change to the security tab):

NEWFILE.TXT;1                 1/9 9-MAY-2003 14:07:25.00 9-MAY-2003

Notice that although the SMB.CONF contains
   create mode = 0777
the file is not given full control.

Now to the worse problem: I want to give read&execute to group and
world. I do 
that using the properties dialog and change SYSMGT to R&E and then
Everyone to 

NEWFILE.TXT;1                 1/9 9-MAY-2003 14:20:11.00 9-MAY-2003

reopen the properties dialog:

NEWFILE.TXT;1                 1/9 9-MAY-2003 14:22:56.00 9-MAY-2003

give them Read only:

NEWFILE.TXT;1                 1/9 9-MAY-2003 14:22:56.00 9-MAY-2003
                                  [SYSMGT,GERSBACH]     (RWED,RWED,R,R)

reopen the properties dialog:

NEWFILE.TXT;1                 1/9 9-MAY-2003 14:27:22.00 9-MAY-2003

not really the behaviour we would like to see :-)
Also, notice that when I change the permission, the modification date
changes (which is correct) but when I reopen the properties dialog, the
creation date becomes the last modification date (not the date of the
dialog opening).
The only previous SAMBA version I could compare this behaviour against
is a 1.9.x but I thought that this is not worth the effort as hardly
someone would check changes so far back.

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