Problems using Samba/VMS Print shares

John E. Malmberg wb8tyw at
Wed Jun 25 03:59:53 GMT 2003

Dave Jones wrote:
> I'm gradually working on a fresh port of 2.2.8, most recently working on
> a VMS native printer interface.  All the print queue operations are done
> by way of SYS$SNDJBC and SYS$GETQUI calls rather than spawning DCL commands.
> It's fairly self-contained, so I put the sources in a zip file at

Just out of curiosity, how are you mapping the either 8 or 16 bit NT job 
entry numbers that the client needs to track to the 32 bit entry numbers 
generated by OpenVMS?

I can not remember from the last time I looked at this issue if NT job 
numbers were 8 bit or 16 bits.

Also, if you are doing a fresh port, it may be better to start with the 
3.X version of SAMBA.

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