Multi-user samba 2.2.x usage?

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Tue Jun 24 08:40:01 GMT 2003

No, this is not true. Your question is rather ill posed.

A lot of people (e.g. our institute) are using SAMBA 2.2.8 on openVMS in
a multi user environment in the sense of people from several (approx 40
in our case) PC's using different Usernames use SAMBA to download PC
software and to share data among cooperating groups. The number of
simultaneous connections at any moment is usally below 10. Our
VMS-Cluster consits of 2 DS10's, with one running SAMBA. There is no
problem with this.

The first question would arise with more integrated office environments,
using file sharing as an integral component. We have e.g. problems using
SAMBA PRINT SHARES. We do not do any shared access to files (e.g. data

The second question is the resources consumption with massive concurrent
use. This is hard to test in our setting. You could combine this
question with the a cluster running SAMBA on several nodes. again, we
have not tested this.

Maybe someone else, running a big data center can comment on these

Herbert Stoeri

>So I take it from the lack of response to my earlier posting
>that all of you are *only* using VMS/SAMBA 2.2.x as a single-user
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