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Mon Aug 19 11:01:19 GMT 2002

Some answers for questions about Samba/VMS 2.2.4

> TESTPARM with my 2.0.3 smb.conf which sent TESTPARM south.
> It turned out the file had not stream records, but variable which my
> editor produces.

Yes, that's right. For the moment, it does not work correctly if SMB.CONF is
not in "stream" format.
This will be corrected in a while (I'll group several corrections before
posting a new Samba/VMS kit)
In the meantime, you can CONVERT your SMB.CONF file from VAR to STREAM
format, by creating
a STR.FDL file containing the following :
CARRIAGE_CONTROL carriage_return
FORMAT stream

Then execute

> I get CTL$T_USERNAME undefined symbol Link warning if I build Samba from

True again. I forgot a couple of  /SYSEXE option in the LINK commands of the
BUILD.COM procedure.
It will be corrected too, but in the meantime please add /SYSEXE on all LINK
commands when it's not already present.

> getpeername failed. Error was system service failure exception

May be you could try to relink SMBD on your site. the [.VMS]BUILD.COM, in
the SOURCE area,  with "NODEBUG" and "LINK" parameters should do it OK (see
above for missing /SYSEXE options in the LINKs). Remember to copy the newly
created [.BIN]SMBD.EXE_ALPHA file to the SAMBA_ROOT:[BIN] area.

> I'm testing youre version of samba 2.2.4. it works well. but I did find
one problem.
> after running samba for a while. no user kan use share's on the vms
> cause al the max acounts are used (smb.conf max connections = 1000)

I could not reproduce this problem on my site, so I have no idea what could
Could you send me a copy of your SAMBA_ROOT:[VAR.LOCKS]CONNECTIONS.TDB file
when the problem occurs ? (the file is locked, so you'll not be able to copy
it : use BACKUP/IGNORE=INTERLOCK instead). Could you please add a copy of
the SHOW SYSTEM command output ?
In addition, could you set the log level at 1 in smb.conf, and send me the
log too ?
Anyway, before I eventually fix that problem, a working turn-around is
probably to remove the "max connections = 1000" line in your smb.conf file

Thanks to all of you taking their time for testing this version.

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