**Fwd: Re: Samba WINS server killing NMBD process

Alder tbranscombe at netscape.net
Wed Aug 14 03:39:36 GMT 2002

John E. Malmberg wrote:

> Message: 1
>> From: Alder <ue191 at victoria.tc.canada>
>> It works!  Merci!  So it was the NMBD_WINSSERVER.OBJ that was 'bad' I 
>> guess, since our NMBD executables would appear to be identical.  My 
>> sole remaining issue is to get the modified OBJ module into my 
>> library. Unfortunately, I'm a VMS baby and can't do it myself.  Would 
>> you please take me through it?
> You can modify the LINK command to find the NMBD_WINSSERVER.OBJ before 
> it finds the other modules.
> Or you can use:
Thanks, John.  I went with the last one a few days ago, but I may have 
only told Jean-Yves.  Sorry about that.


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