Disabling MIME in OUTLOOK

John E. Malmberg wb8tyw at qsl.net
Wed Aug 14 01:33:53 GMT 2002

>>In order to fix the "MIME format" problem, I tried to use Outlook 
>>Express instead of Outlook 97 (I was not able to find out how to disable 
>>MIME and send messages in plain text with outlook 97).
>>For some unknown reason, it worked fine once, but now every time I try 
>>to send anything this way, the samba mailing list server refuses it 
>>immediately with a Subject ignored/too much errors" messages. Welcome 
>>again to the wonderful Microsoft world... 

Outlook instead of Outlook Express implies that there is may be an 
Exchange Server involved.

For Outlook connected to Exchange, there is a tab buried somewhere 
called something like "Internet Connector"  The settings to send plain 
text are on that tab.

Also if you are using any word processor to compose messages, Outlook is 
reported to send in HTML format only, and will ignore all other settings 
  to the contrary.

The adminstrator of this list can be reached at 
samba-vms-admin(at)lists.samba.org and can possibly explain why the 
mailing list is rejecting your e-mails.

Your previous post was in plain text, and that was appreciated thanks,

wb8tyw at qsl.network
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