Samba WINS server killing NMBD process

Alder ue191 at
Fri Aug 9 04:45:11 GMT 2002

COLLOT Jean-Yves wrote:

> Alder,
> In order to fix the "MIME format" problem, I tried to use Outlook 
> Express instead of Outlook 97 (I was not able to find out how to disable 
> MIME and send messages in plain text with outlook 97).
> For some unknown reason, it worked fine once, but now every time I try 
> to send anything this way, the samba mailing list server refuses it 
> immediately with a Subject ignored/too much errors" messages. Welcome 
> again to the wonderful Microsoft world... 

I feel your pain viz. M$.  :-)  If you have a choice in the matter, you 
might want to switch over to Netscape 7 or even Eudora for your mail and 
news.  Netscape's had its problems converting from the 4.x to the 6.x 
software, but the pre-release version 7 has been very stable for me.

> Because I don't want to send 
> MIME messages to the samba list, I send this directly to you. If you 
> want so, you may forward it to the list.

I think I should, Jean-Yves.  After all, your detective work has 
revealed, if not the exact problem, its probable location.

> So the message I wanted to send to you was the following :
> Could you remove from your SMB.CONF file the line "log level = 2" ?
> When interactively starting NMBD with the "-d 5" option, we force the 
> log level to be set to 5. But as soon as the SMB.CONF file is read and 
> processed, this log level goes down back to 2, so some valuable 
> information is not logged.

Sorry, I wasn't keeping my head up on that one.  Thanks.

> For example, when the log says " initialise_wins: Can't open wins 
> database file /samba_root/var/locks/wins.dat. Error was no such file or 
> directory", this is NOT the reason why the process stops : this message 
> is only a warning, and NMBD creates a brand new WINS.DAT file. However, 
> it is the last level 2 message before exiting. With level 5 logging 
> you'd have a lot more information.

I certainly did get a bucket load.

[snip - more useful stuff]

> My guess is that you may not have exactly the same EXE and/or libraries 
> than mine, so the DEBUG modification I gave you does not work properly 
> with your EXE file.
> I send you the compiled NMBD_WINSSERVER.OBJ from the modified .C file 
> (only changing "True" by "False" as I advised before), and the 
> associated relinked NMBD.EXE so you'll have exactly the same NMBD.EXE 
> than mine (which is working fine here with the same SMB.CONF as yours). 
> Could you try that, and tell us what happens ?

It works!  Merci!  So it was the NMBD_WINSSERVER.OBJ that was 'bad' I 
guess, since our NMBD executables would appear to be identical.  My sole 
remaining issue is to get the modified OBJ module into my library. 
Unfortunately, I'm a VMS baby and can't do it myself.  Would you please 
take me through it?

Kindest regards,

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