Samba WINS server killing NMBD process

jean-yves.collot at jean-yves.collot at
Thu Aug 8 09:15:36 GMT 2002

> John E. Malmberg wrote :
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Sorry about that. I hope that now this problem is fixed

> I did not see any fork() calls in the 2.0.6 version of SAMBA

Well, I have got my copy of SAMBA 2.0.6 from the Compaq's VMS Freeware CD
version 5.0 (April 2001), which is may not the same as yours, because in the
[.SOURCE.NMBD]NMBD_WINSSERVER.C file, there is undoubtedly a fork() call
(line # 1598).

> If this is the case, it may simply be a case of changing an option in
As you may see if you look carefully at the code, the call to
wins_write_database accepts 1 argument. This argument (True or False) tells
the wins_write_database routine whether it has to fork in order to write the
WINS.DAT file (the comments says "to ensure that the parent doesn't block
while this is done"). A little farther (line #1665), if the argument is
True, then a call to _exit(0) is made.
As far as "True" is hardcoded (line #1576), I don't clearly see which
parameter in SMB.CONF could change this behavior (except, of course, if
SMB.CONF says that there is no WINS support : in that case the
wins_write_database routine is not called at all (cf line #1570)).
Note that what I said above comes from my Compaq Freeware CD.

> Alder wrote :
> Surely, someone here on the list is running 2.0.6 as a WINS server.
Sure, I do.

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