**Fwd: Re: **Fwd: RE: Samba WINS server killing NMBD process

Alder ue191 at victoria.tc.ca
Wed Aug 7 04:13:24 GMT 2002

John E. Malmberg wrote:

>> Message: 2
>> From: Alder <tbranscombe at netscape.network>
>> COLLOT Jean-Yves wrote:
>> Have tried to build Samba 2.0.6 from source as suggested, but I ran 
>> into a missing file during the build and cannot begin to express my 
>> frustration.
> What file are you missing?
Sorry, John, I didn't (knowingly) keep the output from the build.  I 
recall that it was a UBIQX-related file.

> The build procedure that I used involved logical names set up in a 
> search list so that I kept the VMS specific files in a separate 
> directory to allow quick refreshes of the SAMBA UNIX code directory.
After unzipping the sources, I merely ran the SETUP_SAMBA_VMS_BUILD 
procedure.  If I did any more than that, I didn't save it, nor do I 
recall.  I wan't planning on doing it twice in the event of a failure.

Surely, someone here on the list is running 2.0.6 as a WINS server. 
 Speak up folks!  What did you have to do to get it working?  Anything? 
 Did you use Craig Barry's PERLBUILD package, or roll your own?

Thanks for your trouble, John, but it just doesn't seem worth it to fool 
with WINS much longer.  I do have a hobbyist system after all with only 
3 nodes on the LAN.  It would have been nice to have things running as 
well as they possibly could, but it's not necessary to get files from 
here to there and back again.  Maybe I'll try again when Craig Barry 
puts out a newer version of his build.

Kindest regards,


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