Samba WINS server killing NMBD process

COLLOT Jean-Yves Jean-Yves.COLLOT at
Mon Aug 5 09:38:18 GMT 2002

I have the feeling that NMBD exits at the end of the "wins_write_database"
routine, because it thinks that it is currently running as a child process
of a fork() call, whivh is not true under VMS.

May be you could check :

1. that you have a WINS.DAT file in your SAMBA_ROOT:[VAR.LOCKS] directory,
and that the modification date of this file is the same as your last try of
running NMBD with WINS enabled, (if I am right, this is the last NMBD action
before exiting)
2. If this is true, try to modify the NMBD_WINSSERVER.C file (in the [.NMBD]
subdirectory of the SOURCE tree), by changing the line :

Then, recompile and relink NMBD.

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