Samba/VMS versions

John E. Malmberg wb8tyw at
Fri Aug 2 14:07:55 GMT 2002

Alder <ue191 at> wrote:
> John E. Malmberg wrote:
>>It is version 2.0.6 and earlier that has the problems.  There was a 
>>change in the protocol.  The problem is intermittant, and some people 
>>are affected, and some are not.  The 2.0.7 / 2.0.10 patches look 
>>trivial to apply, however I do not yet have enough of my home network 
>>functional enough to test it.
> If these are patches for Samba-VMS, could you please post a link here to 
> hese patches?

I do not have time for a detailed reply right now, but if you check the 
archives of the list, they should have been posted be around January 
2002 timeframe.  Follow the link below.  Google may have indexed them.

The only issue that I saw was that the 2.0.7 is now calling a routine 
that is not present before OpenVMS 7.3, and also not in Frontport.

If you follow the same build environment that I used, the SAMBA  UNIX 
files are in a separate directory tree from the VMS ones.  So if you 
have the disk space, you can maintain two trees.

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