samba debug causing problems on OpenVMS

John Malmberg wb8tyw at
Fri Dec 21 15:36:09 GMT 2001

> From: "john marchant" <jmarchant at cobbcounty.organization>
> Subject: samba debug causing problems on OpenVMS
> One thing I noticed on the OpenVMS system with a getpeername failed, is that
> when I turned off a high level debug on smbd, it would find the names and
> connect.  Samba times out if it has to write to all the log files and then
> says it can't find the names.

Yep, SAMBA does a lot of thing inefficiently.  Some of them hurts OpenVMS
worse then on other platforms.

The more people that are doing development, the more some of these 
things can be isolated and fixed.

I have published lists in the past where easy improvements can be made.

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