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John Malmberg wb8tyw at
Fri Dec 21 15:48:55 GMT 2001

> From: "Tem Hornaday" <hornadw at>
> Subject: Basic Question...
> Has anyone out there actually done this -- Is it possible to get Samba
> to run over CMU-IP?  Or are we going to have to go out and actually pay
> for a real TCP/IP stack?  E.g., UCX.
> Host is microVAX 3100/80, running VMS 6.2.  CMU-IP is version 6.6.
> TIA,
> --Tem


Also available on one of the later DECUS CD-ROMs.

To get current versions of SAMBA-VMS to run, you will need to fix 
limitations in the CMU-IP stack.  The BLISS compiler is on the OpenVMS 
Freeware CD-ROM.

The CMU-IP home page and ftp server seem to have been gone for a while, 
and only some of the mirrors survive.

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