Problems with Samba 2.0.3 and OpenVMS 5.5-2

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Fri Dec 21 03:52:02 GMT 2001

> Today's Topics:
>    4. Problems to get samba version 2.30 running under vms5.5-2 (Klaus Thonke)
>    5. installation-problem with smbd2.03 on vms5.5-2 system (Klaus Thonke)
> Message: 4
> From: "Klaus Thonke" <>
> Subject: Problems to get samba version 2.30 running under vms5.5-2
> Date: Thu, 20 Dec 2001 10:04:58 +0100
> After having finally linked samba 2.03, next problems coming up are:
> - SAMBA_STARTUP.COM fails with an error message, that "UIC system is
> unknown"
> This problem I could remove by changing the line /uic=system to /uic=[1,4].
> Does VMS5.5-2 generally require to give the UIC in numbers?

The numeric UIC and numeric ACL is mapped to the alphanumeric identifier 
in the file RIGHTSLIST.DAT.  This is usually managed by the AUTHORIZE 
utility to attempt to keep the alphanumeric identifier mapped to the 
same account name as has the UIC.

What this means is that someone either on purpose or accidentally 
removed the SYSTEM Identifier.

What usually happens to cause this is that someone used the UAF command 
to copy the SYSTEM account with out changing the UIC.

Then they renamed the copied account, and it caused the identifier 
SYSTEM to be renamed, as authorize attempts to keep the identifier with 
the same name as it's associated account.  It does not deal well with 
having two accounts with the same UIC.

So there is something that may need fixing with your system.

But it is something to keep in mind for any future releases of SAMBA.

Since there is nothing in the NMBD program that requires it to run as 
system, what I am looking at is to dedicate one or two less privileged 
accounts to be used.

> O.k., so far - NMBD was starting now and the samba server is visible with
> all its shares on the network.
> My still unsolved problem: I cannot get access to any share on the samba
> server. The Win client pretends, that the remote computer is unavailable.
> On the samba server, after each attempt of an acces of a share a
> sys$manager:smbd_startup.log file is created with the content
> ---------------------------
> Error opening primary input file SYS$INPUT
> Directory not found
> No such file
> --------------------------
> The logical sys$input is:
> $ sh log sys$input
> $

As Eckart pointed out, that is the process definition of SYS$INPUT for 
your process.

The error message came from the UCX service dispatcher.  It basically 
means that it could not find the command file that starts up the SMBD 

My guess from reading the whole digest, is that for some reason the 
SAMBA_ROOT logical is not properly defined.

The SAMBA_ROOT file should be defined with the following attributes:


And I usually recommand that /EXECUTIVE be used for logicals assigned by 
the system manager.  Expecially concealed logicals, because logical 
names must be in exec mode for images installed with privilege to 
reference them.

> What is wrong here?
> I had running before the samba version 1.9.17p4 and simply copied the old
> smb.conf file to the new location.
> Does this cause problems? Do I have to add/change some new items there?
> My system:
> Digital TCP/IP Services for OpenVMS VAX Version V4.1
>   on a VAXstation 3100/GPX running OpenVMS V5.5-2

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> Message: 5
> From: "Klaus Thonke" <>
> To: <samba-vms at>
> Date: Thu, 20 Dec 2001 10:35:59 +0100
> Hello,
> why do I get this:
> ----------------------------------------------------------------------------
> -
> $ run testparm
> Load smb config files from /samba_root/lib/smb.conf
> Processing section "[homes]"
> Processing section "[printers]"
> Loaded services file OK.
> ERROR: lock directory /samba_root/var/locks does not exist
> ???????????????????????????????

See previous response.

> Press enter to see a dump of your service definitions
> -------------------------------------------------------------------
> But I have:
> $ sh log samba_root

Try show log/full samba_root

> $dir dka300:[samba203.var]

Once a concealed logical name has been assigned, you should be using:


> $ dir dka300:[samba203.var.locks]


> Directory DKA300:[SAMBA203.VAR.LOCKS]
> So I would expect that everything is o.k.?
> But still: Although the shares are visible for Win-Clients, I cannot get
> access to any of them.

What file does the following command show:


And for the file name that shows up, then issue a directory command for it,
exactly as it is shown.

Since the service could not locate the command file, my guess is that 
the directory command will fail also.

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