Problems with link of samba 2.03 under vms5.5-2

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Wed Dec 19 16:26:46 GMT 2001

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Subject: Problems with link of samba 2.03 under vms5.5-2

When I start linking Samba2.03 under vms5.5-2, I get:
 $ @link
 %DCL-I-SUPERSEDE, previous value of SAMBA_CRTL has been superseded
 Linking SMBD ...
 %LINK-E-MEMFUL, insufficient virtual address space to complete this link
 -LINK-E-NOIMGFIL, image file not created

I suggest checking your user account in the UAF.  Modify 'Pgflquo' as a
minimum to 65536.

Here is a sample of a power-user's (mine) setup on an Alpha:

Maxjobs:         0  Fillm:       300  Bytlm:        40960
Maxacctjobs:     0  Shrfillm:      0  Pbytlm:           0
Maxdetach:       0  BIOlm:       150  JTquota:       2048
Prclm:           3  DIOlm:       150  WSdef:         1024
Prio:            4  ASTlm:       250  WSquo:         2048
Queprio:         0  TQElm:        40  WSextent:     16384
CPU:        (none)  Enqlm:      3000  Pgflquo:     180000

Note that a VAX requires significantly less resources, and if you converted
from VAX to Alpha as we did, you may need to update your UAF entries.

David Taubner
CIS Systems Administrator
Health Sciences Centre

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