nmbd fails

john marchant jmarchant at cobbcounty.org
Tue Dec 11 18:30:15 GMT 2001

What would make nmbd just startup for a second and then die?  I thought it
ran right once, but now I am not sure...

$! Find out the Architecture
$arch = "AXP"
$if f$getsyi("NODE_HWTYPE") .nes. "ALPH" then arch = "VAX"
$procedure = f$environment("PROCEDURE")
$procname = f$parse("nmbd.exe_AXP;0",procedure)
$nmbd := $SAMBA_ROOT:[000000.BIN]NMBD.EXE_AXP;0
$samba_nmbd_options = f$trnlnm("SAMBA_NMBD_OPTIONS")
$nmbd "-D"

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