tcpip problem

john marchant jmarchant at
Mon Dec 10 20:33:54 GMT 2001

I am sure I saw this before.  Please don't hit me too hard if this is a FAQ:

$       if __isMultiNet
$       then
$               type sys$input

        You must also restart the MultiNet master server
        (@MULTINET:START_SERVER) to make the SMBD listener
        start now.

$               read/end=exit/error=exit/prompt= -
"Restart MultiNet master server now? [N]" sys$output yn
$               yn = f$edit(yn,"UPCASE,TRIM,COLLAPSE,UNCOMMENT")
$               if yn .eqs. "Y" then @MULTINET:START_SERVER
$       endif


Setting up UCX SMBD service...
%TCPIP-E-CONFIGERROR, error processing configuration request
-SYSTEM-F-BADPARAM, bad parameter value

        SAMBA for VMS has been installed succesfully.

        The file SYS$STARTUP:SAMBA_STARTUP.COM has been provided to start
        SAMBA for VMS.

Also, where is the FAQ about joining domains, etc. for OpenVMS.  Thanks.

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