Samba 2.0.6 on Alpha VMS - file writing problem

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Thu Dec 6 14:43:44 GMT 2001


Whilst I can't offer any kind of a solution, I can confirm that I'm seeing
exactly the same problem as Robert. ( AlphaServer 1200 5/400 4MB running
OpenVMS V7.1. Digital TCP/IP Services for OpenVMS Alpha Version V4.1. Samba
2.0.6 and Frontport from Compaq website).

If I use TextPad to edit an existing file on a drive mapped from the Alpha
using Samba, the file is mangled on saving. Interestingly enough, files
edited using PFE don't seem to show the same behaviour.


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> Subject: Samba 2.0.6 on Alpha VMS - file writing problem
> John,
> To answer some of your questions:
> > Also what created the file originally?  That may make a big difference.
> The files are originally created by our own proprietary code generation
> tool. They may or may not have been modified by an OpenVMS Editor.
> > Is the behavior different if the file is in the root directory
> of a share
> than it is when in a subdirectory?
> The behavior is thus: When I copy a file (either doing a drag and
> drop, or a
> File->Save from an IDE or Notepad) back to VMS (into either the
> root of the
> share or a subdirectory) the following always occurs: If the file already
> exists in the destination directory, then the resulting file that gets
> copied back is corrupted. If the file does NOT exist in the destination
> directory, then the file gets copied correctly. It behaves the
> same whether
> my target is the root directory or a subdirectory.
> Before accessing from the PC side, I have tried to manipulate the file
> attributes to match those of the file that is coming back to the VMS side
> from the PC. I have tried using the following command on the files before
> access them from the PC:
> $ convert/fdl=STREAM.FDL FileName.ada FileName.ada
> where the contents of STREAM.FDL are as follows:
> $ type STREAM.FDL
>         ALLOCATION              33
>         BEST_TRY_CONTIGUOUS     yes
>         EXTENSION               0
>         ORGANIZATION            sequential
>         BLOCK_SPAN              yes
>         CARRIAGE_CONTROL        carriage_return
>         FORMAT                  stream
>         SIZE                    0
> $
> But this does not seem to mitigate the problem. Maybe there are some other
> attributes I should be setting in the STREAM.FDL file?
> Thanks,
> Bob Fachetti
> fachetti at
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> "Fachetti, Robert" <fachetti at> wrote:
>  >
>  > VMS Users,
>  > Doing a "File->Save" results in: 1. The original file gets
>  > overwritten (it does not create a new version of the file e.g.
>  > NAME.TYPE;2) 2. The contents of the file are corrupted:
> Sometimes NOTEPAD saves a file over the old one, and sometimes it
> creates a temp file, deletes the old, and then renames it.  I have not
> figured out that rule.
> I thought I had that problem fixed.  But apparently not.  Is the
> behavior different if the file is in the root directory of a share than
> it is when in a subdirectory?
> Also what created the file originally?  That may make a big difference.
> The <CR> is from the PC program saving the file as <CR> delimited file,
> and UNIX knows that it should be saved as a <LF> delimited file, so the
> resulting file attributes are wrong.
> This is also the way it works on UNIX as people on the UNIX SAMBA forums
> have complained about it.
> If you look in the some of the documentation notes that came with the
> SAMBA 2.0.6 for OpenVMS kit, you can force SAMBA 2.0.6 for OpenVMS to
> set the file header to match the type for the extension when it creates
> a file that does not have a previous version.
> If it has a previous version, the existing attributes are inherited by
> the new file.  This could be what is causing the corruption you are
> seeing if the file was originally created by an OpenVMS editor.  But
> that still is a bug.
> I posted just a little while back, the file attributes that would
> probably get rid of the <CR>, but can not remember them off the top of
> my head.  It is either STREAM-CR or STREAM-LF.  It is late here right
> now, so I do not have time to look them up.
> -John
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