The current progress of transparent failover features

Steven French sfrench at
Tue Sep 19 03:46:29 UTC 2023

Are you interested in this from the Linux client or Linux server 

The SMB3.1.1 protocol has many features relating to transparent failover 
and reconnect.   The Linux kernel client implements many of them (there 
are a few features, like Lock Sequence numbers on reconnect that are not 
implemented yet, but most failover features are)

On 9/7/23 05:06, 陈 方进 via samba-technical wrote:
> I want to know the current development progress of transparent failover features. Where can I get related resources?
> Who is developing it? Or has development stopped?Ralph Boehme slow at<mailto:slow at> 's git record of transparent failover features only goes back to 2019.
> I want to studying the transparent failover feature, which achieved in the Windows, but not on Linux.
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