Custom Naming Context support for Samba

Чудов Игорь Игоревич ICHudov at
Fri Oct 20 08:33:13 UTC 2023

Hi all!

I'm working on custom DNS NC support for Samba (partially described in MS-DNSP and MS-ADTS) and I need code review
and guidance. My code is related with the following Samba parts:

* ./source4/rpc_server/dnsserver
* ./source4/rpc_server/drsuapi
* ./source4/dsdb
* ./librpc/idl

The code is dirty but the logic is visible. I'm willing to communicate in any possible way in case of questions.

The code is here:

There are some problems like DsAddEntry credentials for query forwarding to DNS Naming Master which I
Need assistance with. Any help with understanding DsAddEntry and DsReplicaSync internals are appreciated.

I also considering expanding support for DsAddEntry query version support (BIND_INFO) but I'm not sure if it is needed.

With best regards, Igor Chudov.

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