Mount point detection by device id comparison

Ralph Boehme slow at
Thu Oct 5 10:01:39 UTC 2023

Hi Carson,

sorry for the long delay, but the whole file server team was busy at SDC 
in Fremont. And thanks for contributing!

On 9/20/23 18:02, Carson Buttars via samba-technical wrote:
> I've gotten no response on this. Is the right place to talk about it on 
> matrix?

Either one will do, most devs are present at both places.

I guess Volker would be better suited to answer you questions but let me 

- submitting MRs via gitlab and trying to get attention via this ML is 
the definitely the way to go

- afaict for complete handling of 
stuff needed, cf MS-FSCC Mount Point Reparse Data Buffer and 

- Volker is currently working an reparse point support as part of an 
effort to implement SMB3 UNIX Extensions, but this should be, afaict, 
largely tangential


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