Ralph Boehme slow at samba.org
Fri Nov 24 21:16:37 UTC 2023

On 11/24/23 22:03, Steven French wrote:
> Seems like there are three goals:
> 1) document the general purpose and implementation of the SMB3.1.1
> Linux extensions and "recommended" way to do certain POSIX things
> that were already in the protocol (e.g. the reparse tags).   Some of
> this could be in the "MS-FSA-like" document.

> 2) document the protocol extensions (MS-SMB2-like changes, new
> negotiate and open context and new info level for query file and fs
> info)

> 3) document behavior changes (MS-FSA-like changes) when a handle is
> opened with POSIX open context

> 4) document any details missing from MS-FSCC (e.g. anything we find
> that is missing from the description of reparse points or that we do
> differently than what is documented (if something ends up requiring a
> minor tweak for a special file type), details on the new infolevel)
> in the POSIX-FSCC document

that's the plan and here's the current WIP:

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