[PATCH][SMB client] two multichannel patches

Steve French smfrench at gmail.com
Thu Nov 16 19:09:09 UTC 2023

Any thoughts on these two multichannel patches from Shyam (attached)?

The first fixes: "cifs: account for primary channel in the interface list"
which fixes a refcounting issue in channel deallocation.  The second fixes
a lock ordering problem in the recent patch: "cifs: handle when server
stops supporting multichannel"

The code to handle the case of server disabling multichannel
was picking iface_lock with chan_lock held. This goes against
the lock ordering rules, as iface_lock is a higher order lock
(even if it isn't so obvious).

This change fixes the lock ordering by doing the following in
that order for each secondary channel:
1. store iface and server pointers in local variable
2. remove references to iface and server in channels
3. unlock chan_lock
4. lock iface_lock
5. dec ref count for iface
6. unlock iface_lock
7. dec ref count for server
8. lock chan_lock again

Let me know if any test feedback or reviews

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