[SMB3POSIX] File attributes

Ralph Boehme slow at samba.org
Tue Nov 14 16:54:13 UTC 2023

On 11/14/23 10:30, ronnie sahlberg wrote:
> Not to derail, but "chattr +i" is not a rabbithole. It is very much real.

kind of proofs the point: the rabbit hole is so big you didn't even 
notice you entered it. :)))

It's just a quite some additional work: fleshing out a spec, 
implementing it (I wouldn't wanna ship a spec without being able to 
verify that it works nicely end-to-end), testing it and so on.

As there seems to be little demand for this, as can be seen from the 
fact that Samba doesn't implement support for the flags on Linux, only 
BSD, I don't thing it's worth the effort.

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