[SMB3UNIX] Add POSIX fs-info to the sepc

Ralph Boehme slow at samba.org
Sat Nov 4 16:08:36 UTC 2023

Hi Jeremy,

I just noticed that POSIX fs-info is not in the SMB3 UNIX spec.

As it's the same as CIFS UNIX, I've just created a section for it in the 
new spec.

Can you please take a quick look before David reviews and possibly 
merges? Thanks!


Btw, I wonder whether it would make sense to host the spec on gitlab, so 
the whole team can more easily cooporate on it, rather then having 
everyone interested to sign up to codeberg too.

I'd also like to host it on git.samba.org, automatically mirroring the 
primary cooperation platform.

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