patches to move ksmbd and cifs under new subdirectory

Tom Talpey tom at
Mon May 22 17:20:52 UTC 2023

On 5/22/2023 12:33 PM, Steve French wrote:
> Following up on the email thread suggestion to move fs/ksmbd and
> fs/cifs and fs/smbfs_common all under a common directory fs/smb, here
> is an updated
> patchset for that (added one small patch).
>      1) smb3: move Documentation/filesystems/cifs to
> Documentation/filesystems/smb
>      As suggested by Namjae, update the directory for ksmbd/cifs.ko
> Documentation.
>      Documentation/filesystems/cifs contains both server and client information
>      so its pathname is misleading.  In addition, the directory fs/smb
>      now contains both server and client, so move Documentation/filesystems/cifs
>      to Documentation/filesystems/smb
>      Suggested-by: Namjae Jeon <linkinjeon at>
> 2) cifs: correct references in Documentation to old fs/cifs path
>      The fs/cifs directory has moved to fs/smb/client, correct mentions
>      of this in Documentation and comments.
> 3)  smb: move client and server files to common directory fs/smb
>     As suggested by Linus, move CIFS/SMB3 related client and server
>     files (cifs.ko and ksmbd.ko and helper modules) to new fs/smb subdirectory:
>         fs/cifs --> fs/smb/client
>         fs/ksmbd --> fs/smb/server
>         fs/smbfs_common --> fs/smb/conmon

There's a typo "conmon" here, which is also present in the changelog.
The "git mv" in the patch is correct.

Regarding the fs/smb/Kconfig, curious why "CIFS" selects SMB_CLIENT?
There's no need to bring in the client in a server-only config.
Or, did this mean to be SMBFS to bring in fs/smb/common instead?
Or, maybe it's time to do away with the "CIFS" option entirely?

config CIFS
  	tristate "SMB3 and CIFS support (advanced network filesystem)"
  	depends on INET
+	select SMB_CLIENT <-- ??
  	select NLS
  	select CRYPTO
  	select CRYPTO_MD5

Either way, is this second SMB_CLIENT=y in fs/smb/Kconfig a typo? Should
it be =m?

+config SMBFS
+	tristate
+	default y if CIFS=y || SMB_CLIENT=y || SMB_SERVER=y
+	default m if CIFS=m || SMB_CLIENT=y  <-- ? || SMB_SERVER=m


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