Displaying streams as xattrs

ronnie sahlberg ronniesahlberg at gmail.com
Mon May 22 04:33:19 UTC 2023

A problem  we have with xattrs today is that we use EAs and these are
case insensitive.
Even worse I think windows may also convert the names to uppercase :-(
And there is no way to change it in the registry :-(

On Mon, 22 May 2023 at 12:09, Steve French via samba-technical
<samba-technical at lists.samba.org> wrote:
> Looking through code today (in fs/cifs/xattr.c) I noticed an old
> reference to returning alternate data streams as pseudo-xattrs.
> Although it is possible to list streams via "smbinfo filestreaminfo"
> presumably it is not common (opening streams on remote files from
> Linux is probably not done as commonly as it should be as well).
> Any thoughts about returning alternate data streams via pseudo-xattrs?
> Macs apparently allow this (see e.g.
> https://www.jankyrobotsecurity.com/2018/07/24/accessing-alternate-data-streams-from-a-mac/)
> --
> Thanks,
> Steve

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