Nesting of local groups (SID_NAME_ALIAS)

Pavel Filipenský pfilipensky at
Fri Mar 17 15:37:35 UTC 2023

On 3/16/23 20:47, Rowland Penny via samba-technical wrote:
> On 16/03/2023 19:20, Pavel Filipenský via samba-technical wrote:
>> Hi,
>> windbind does not correctly display members for e.g. BUILTIN/users. 
>> It shows nothing:
>> ./bin/wbinfo --group-info BUILTIN/users
>> BUILTIN/users:x:100001:
>> Given that "BUILTIN\Users" has 1 member "ADDOMAIN\Domain Users", it 
>> should instead show:
>> ./bin/wbinfo --group-info "ADDOMAIN/domain users"
>> ADDOMAIN/domain 
>> users:x:100006:ADDOMAIN/joe,ADDOMAIN/jane,ADDOMAIN/samba2008r2$,ADDOMAIN/samba2003$,ADDOMAIN/administrator,ADDOMAIN/krbtgt,ADDOMAIN/testallowed 
>> account,ADDOMAIN/testupnspn,ADDOMAIN/testdenied,ADDOMAIN/alice,ADDOMAIN/srv_account,ADDOMAIN/bob 
>> I am working on the fix. One part is to call 
>> dcerpc_samr_GetMembersInAlias() instead of the wrong 
>> dcerpc_samr_GetAliasMembership() in source3/winbindd/winbindd_rpc.c.
>> Another part is to change the code dealing with nested groups / 
>> aliases. For that, I need to understand if aliases (SID_NAME_ALIAS) 
>> can be nested, like groups (SID_NAME_DOM_GRP).
>> Reading the Microsoft documentation 
>> /A local group can contain user accounts that are local to the 
>> computer and user accounts and global groups from their own domain./
>> It looks that "Local groups" which I believe is BUILTIN/users 
>> (SID_NAME_ALIAS) cannot contain another "Local group". I have tested 
>> that also on Windows server using lusrmgr.msc and such nesting was 
>> not possible.
>> However, samba server allows such nesting:
>> bin/net sam createlocalgroup TestGroup1
>> bin/net sam createlocalgroup TestGroup2
>> bin/net sam addmem TestGroup1 TestGroup2
>> Can I assume that SID_NAME_ALIAS cannot be nested?
>> Best regards,
>> Pavel
> My understanding of the BUILTIN groups is that they do contain 'local 
> groups', but that is 'local' to the domain, not the computer, or have 
> I misunderstood something.
> There is also the point that I have never used BUILTIN\users and never 
> missed it.
> What is your use case for this ?||

The story started with fixing getgrouplist(3) in nss_wrapper. The next 
step is to bring the new version to samba (third_party: Update 
nss_wrapper to version 1.1.15) . But with the new nss_wrapper existing 
tests (smbtorture local.nss.membership) are failing. When analyzing the 
test failures, we have found bugs in samba code. One of them is here:

dcerpc_samr_GetAliasMembership() is wrong, should be 

There is some more work needed (already in progress and somehow working) 
to make the alias membership to work correctly. The question is, if we 
should completely fix the alias functionality (given it is not needed in 
a real scenario) or if we should only change the tests.

> Rowland

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