Status of openat2() RESOLVE_NO_SYMLINKS on FreeBSD

Ralph Boehme slow at
Wed Mar 8 13:48:11 UTC 2023

Hi Andrew!

Do you, or anyone else, remember the status of using an analogue to 
Linux openat2() RESOLVE_NO_SYMLINKS on FreeBSD?

In case you don't remember (iirc we've discussed this before) openat2() 
RESOLVE_NO_SYMLINKS on Linux allows atomically checking a multicomponent 
path for symlinks which avoids doing the work manually per-component in 
Samba, which is a performance hog.

I see FreeBSD openat() has O_RESOLVE_BENEATH and you were talking about 
adding support here


I see a bunch of MRs in the work from you on gitlab:


But none of them seems to be about this particular issue.


Ralph Boehme, Samba Team       
SerNet Samba Team Lead
SAMBA+ Samba packages         
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