New option for samba-tool dns zonecreate

Douglas Bagnall douglas.bagnall at
Thu Jun 15 22:06:17 UTC 2023

hi Björn,

I appreciate the thought you are putting into this, as UI decisions are 
hard to change.

> The DNS GUI in Windows 11 lets the user choose the "Active Directory 
> Zone Replication Scope" with the options "To all DNS server running on 
> domain controller in this forest" or "... domain".
> In the code there are two flags DNS_DP_FOREST_DEFAULT and 
> DNS_DP_DOMAIN_DEFAULT. So maybe something like 
> --dns-direcory-partition=domain|forest?

I think that is probably OK. Another option might be 
--dns-replication-scope, which might describe the effect more. It all 
depends on how AD administrators think, something which I have little 
insight into.

In any case, in
you have the --help text as 'DNS Directory Partition', which does not 
add much information to --dns-directory-partition. Whichever formulation 
is used, the help should use other words.


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