New option for samba-tool dns zonecreate

Björn Baumbach bb at
Thu Jun 15 14:38:50 UTC 2023


I'm planning to add an additional parameter to the samba-tool zonecreate 
command. Currently there is no option to create new zones in the forest 
dns directory partition via samba-tool.

I would like to add a parameter to choose between "domain" or "forest", 
which defaults to "domain" (to create new zones in the dns domain 
partition). But I'm not sure how I should name this option.

In some commands we use "NC" for naming context, like in "samba-tool drs 
replicate". For the "drs uptodateness" command is a parameter 
"--partition" to choose a specific partition.

The DNS GUI in Windows 11 lets the user choose the "Active Directory 
Zone Replication Scope" with the options "To all DNS server running on 
domain controller in this forest" or "... domain".

In the code there are two flags DNS_DP_FOREST_DEFAULT and 
DNS_DP_DOMAIN_DEFAULT. So maybe something like 

What do you suggest, how should I call the new option?

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