What is the status of KDC resource group compression support in Samba?

Pavel Kalugin PKalugin at inno.tech
Thu Jul 27 13:16:24 UTC 2023

Hello all.

Recently, some support for KDC resource group compression was added to 
Samba by commit e3fdb2d 
The commit message explicitly mentioned "domain-local groups" only, 
while the Microsoft description of the feature 
also mentions "universal groups, and groups associated with security 
identifier history".
Also, there were some relevant commits which enable a bunch of 
previously disabled group tests, but several tests are still disabled 
for Heimdal, and even more for MIT Kerberos.

Q1: What is the status of KDC resource group compression in Samba? Are 
there any plans to include it in any upcoming release?

Q2: Does anyone works on SID history groups compression in the meantime? 
If not, then I'm willing to implement it, but I'm new to the Samba 
codebase, and so need some pointers as to what parts of the system may 
be affected and, ideally, some high-level description of the feature in 
the Samba context.


Pavel Kalugin

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