dbwrap_py: rapid dbwrap backend prototyping and FoundationDB

Ralph Boehme slow at samba.org
Tue Jan 17 14:33:42 UTC 2023


I've hacked a new dbwrap backend called dbwrap_py that calls into Python 
for the database operations. This came out of the desire to play around 
with the many available distributed database that are available these 
days, eg Cassandra, etcd, FoundationDB and so on [1]. All of them have 
Python bindings and implementing the required primitives in Python is 
much simpler then doing it in C.

I've developed dbwrap_py hand in hand with an initial backend targetting 
FoundationDB which is a scalable, high-performance key-value store with 
strong consistency and transaction support

Thanks to the transaction support in FoundationDB it is possible to 
implement locking using a dedicated locking record per record combined 
with a fencing token that guards modfying database operations. Other 
databases may offer other primitives to implement record locking.

The whole thing is now functional enough such that it passes certain 
torture tests when configured to put locking.tdb and 
smbXsrv_open_global.tdb behind dbwrap_py.

Currently the whole dbwrap layering runs unchanged on top of the 
backend. As locking is implemented in the backend and FoundationDB 
support watches, it would be possible to not use the current g_lock and 
dbwrap_watch backend for dbs enabled for FoundationDB.

With metze's new smb2.bench.path-contention-shared benchmark I'm getting 
25 opens/closes per second on my laptop with FoundationDB being a single 
node cluster running on the laptop as well:

$ bin/smbtorture //localhost/test -U slow%Passw0rd 
Opened 4 connections with qdepth=1 => 4 loops
Running for 10 seconds

$ bin/smbtorture3 //localhost/test -U slow%Passw0rd LOCAL-DBWRAP-PY
dbwrap_fetch_locked() took: 2799 us
dbwrap_record_store() took: 4205 us
dbwrap_exists() took: 364 us
dbwrap_parse_record() took: 3571 us
dbwrap_do_locked() took: 5552 us

The code is here:


     dbwrap_py:module = samba.samba3.dbwrap_py_fdb
     dbwrap_py:locking.tdb = yes
     dbwrap_py:smbXsrv_open_global.tdb = yes
     dbwrap_py:test_db_py.tdb = yes

FoundationDB would be a good candidate for a public cloud SMB frontend 
ala Azure SMB, this is not aiming at the ctdb high performance SMB NAS 

I'll try to get a small FoundationDB cluster setup in K8 to see how that 
feels like. Stay tune... ;)


[1] <https://wiki.samba.org/index.php/Samba_on_Scale>

Ralph Boehme, Samba Team                 https://samba.org/
SerNet Samba Team Lead      https://sernet.de/en/team-samba
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