including local groups in WINBINDD_LIST_GROUPS (QueryGroupList)

Pavel Filipenský pfilipensky at
Wed Apr 26 08:58:07 UTC 2023

Hi all,

I would like to discuss this commit

Please see also comment from metze:


I was fixing a bug in nss_wrapper - it was not correctly implementing 
the GETGROUPLIST(3) - list of groups that user belongs to.
With the nss_wrapper fix the test_membership_user (local.nss.membership) 
fails. It compares memberships of a user obtained via:

1) GETGROUPLIST()   ... group BUILTIN/users is newly showing up
2) GETGRENT   ... group BUILTIN/users is not listed for ROLE_DOMAIN_MEMBER

* Do we want such change as a new default?
* Or should be configurable? With what default?
* Or we want to keep the old behavior and only change the failing test?


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