The strange issues happening with ad_dc_ntvfs environment

Douglas Bagnall douglas.bagnall at
Thu Apr 13 10:42:05 UTC 2023

On 13/04/23 20:51, Andreas Schneider wrote:

>> Is this with a full make test, like you were doing in February? I can
>> have a go at that overnight on Ubuntu 22.04.
> Yes, I'm still trying to get this working downstream and I think this should
> still work even if CI/autobuild is not running a full make test anymore.
> This seems to be a bug in some test and we should fix it.
>> First I'll try `make test TESTS=ntvfs`, just in case that works.
> If I run
>    make -j8 test TESTS="ad_dc_ntvfs s4member"
> it passes just fine :-(

The TESTS=ntvfs passed. A full `make test` gives me these:

failure: samba3.blackbox.smbstatus.test_json_profile(fileserver:local) [
failure: samba3.blackbox.smbclient_netbios_aliases [foo].smbclient 
(krb5)(ad_member:local) [
failure: samba4.nbt.dgram.netlogon2(ad_dc_ntvfs) [
failure: samba4.ntvfs.cifs.ntlm.base.unlink.unlink(rpc_proxy) [

I'm running it again to see what changes.


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